Nothing Beats Sightseeing from the Water


So you have seen the river though the town of Salmon, Idaho and you probably have seen the river by Riggins... But have you ever seen what's in between??  Well it's time to connect those dots! 

Come join us for a full or half day scenic tour.  See the Wild & Scenic section of the Main Salmon River that cuts trough the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. 

Just bring lunch & drinks to enjoy a day on the river!

Tours leave from Corn Creek (North Fork end) or Vinegar Creek (Riggins end)


Popular Stops

  • Fern Creek
  • Lantz Bar
  • Devils Toe Pictographs
  • Arctic Creek Lodge
  • Barth Hot Springs
  • Campell's Ferry
  • Buckskin Bill's


  • Full day 6-8 ppl  $150 ea
  • Full day 9+ ppl   $125 ea
  • Half day 6-8 ppl $125 ea
  • Half day 9+ ppl  $100 ea